How to Season Cast Iron Skillet?

A cast iron skillet can last for generations, but seasoning it regularly keeps it in great condition. This is because most types of cooking, including frying, grilling and steaming, are best left seasoned to retain their flavor. While some food preparation involves seasoning your dish, you should only do so when the food has been prepared correctly. The following are common cooking accidents that happen to cast iron cookware, so avoid them if you want to prolong its life. Check out these tips on how to clean cast iron pans here. 

If you want your pan to remain non-stick, then use vegetable oil instead of cooking oil. This is because the former contains little or no fat. However, you should keep the oil in a separate container and never use it directly on your pan. If you use it to coat your pan after it is seasoned, the coating will stick to the metal, making it more difficult to remove. The oil will also attract other particles from your food, including food residue. Instead, use a cotton cloth to wipe your pan and pat it dry afterward. You should also apply vegetable oil to the cooking surface before you cook, especially when cooking delicate foods like eggs.

To prevent the food from sticking, sprinkle the cooking oil onto the pan before you place the food in it. This will help prevent it from sticking to the metal. For instance, use coarse sea salt on any meat you plan to cook. When using baking soda as a cooking additive, be sure to put the baking soda in a glass bowl and allow it to stand overnight. Then, once the mixture is ready, you can sprinkle the baking soda on the meat before cooking.

You should also apply vegetable oil to the cooking surface before you cook. This will help prevent the food from sticking to the metal, which can sometimes occur when you apply the oil directly to the pan. You can apply the oil by dipping the brush into the oil, or using a fork. The fork will produce more even coats than the brush, so you don't end up with uneven coatings. Once the pan is coated, you can then place the food directly in the pan, as the oil will spread evenly throughout the pan. Click here for more details relating to this topic. 

If you find that the food still sticks to the skillet after seasoning, don't worry; it usually takes several tries to get it to stick completely. Once it does, remove the item from the heat source and let it rest. for five minutes. You can then replace the item and continue cooking, allowing it to dry in the oven.
When the cooking oil is dry, wipe the top of the food with a clean sponge and then re-season it again with cooking spray. You should repeat this process until the food dries thoroughly. Learn how to season and clean cast iron skillets from this site: