Taking Care of Your Pulaski Axe

Pulaski axes are an essential part of the survival kit of a mountain biker or backpacker. When they are not in use, a well-maintained axe can last for years, providing years of use in a single set of boots or jacket. But, how do you keep and properly maintain your Pulaski axe?

A: Clean and properly condition your axe regularly. Wipe clean of dust, dirt, water and fingerprints daily. Tighten or remove hex nut from the axe head and re-handle the axe on a regular basis as necessary.

B: When cleaning your axe, use a soft cloth or soft rag to remove dust from the handles and blade. Then use an appropriate solvent (solvents should never be used on steel) and mild soap on a soft cloth to remove any remaining oil. After this step, dry off the axe by using a soft cloth to wipe it dry. Never rub the axe dry as it will damage the steel.

C: If you have recently purchased your axe, use it before staining it. Stains will wear away at the edges of the axe. If you already have staining, clean it with a soft cloth to remove any remaining stains. You can then paint it with paint that is specifically designed for use with Pulaski axes.

D: Never clean an axe that is still covered in wax. The axe can warp, cracking and breaking under this condition. Learn more about pulaski axes from this site.

E: While the above-mentioned methods are not official or endorsed by the manufacturer, the above are simply my own personal rules, guidelines and suggestions. It is very important to follow all the safety instructions given by your manufacturer and only use the correct tools when cleaning your axe.

F: Always remember to maintain and clean your Pulaski axe in the proper order in order to avoid any potential dangers while using it. Proper maintenance of your axe can extend its life by protecting you from possible injuries that could have otherwise occurred while using your axe.

G: Finally, after your day's rain, always keep your axe clean. When you return from your hike or camping trip, you will notice that your axe is looking brand new!

So, now you know how to take care of and maintain your Pulaski axe. I hope you enjoy your Pulaski experience. !
I hope you have enjoyed your trip to Alaska and have enjoyed your axe! !
Please be aware that a broken or worn axe could cause you to trip and fall. In addition, an axe that is broken could possibly harm or kill someone else. Therefore, always remember to follow the above mentioned safety precautions when using your axe! Get more enlightened about pulaski axes here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulaski_(tool)